Wet Weather Telephone Numbers


  • Councils decide on the suitability of parks for play during wet weather / conditions
  • If grounds are declared open: games are run at the discretion of the club or association
  • If grounds are declared closed: play (and/or training) is not allowed (fines apply)

Should conditions improve from the time of closure on a Friday, play is allowed at the discretion of the club or association for Sunday (not available in all council areas).

In the Junior Grades, what you should do?

1. Contact councils wet weather line. If fields are closed games are either postponed (to a different week) or cancelled.

2. If fields are open and you are concerned that the games still may be cancelled (as it continues to rain) then for HOME GAMES check this website for an update. If there is no update go to the park and find out. For HOME GAMES, if no notice has been placed here, then games are going ahead.

3. Please do not SMS or telephone the Club President as he receives too many calls on the day and as soon as he has any information it is posted here anyway.

4. If you cant get on to the Internet to check, then get to the park.

Older grades often reschedule games to parks that are less affected by inclement weather.  It's best to call your coach for further advice.


Georges River Council : 9330 6452
    - Beverly Hills Park
    - Evatt Park (HV Evatt Park)
    - Hurstville Oval
    - Jubilee Park
    - Oatley Park
    - Olds Park
    - Peakhurst Park
    - Penshurst Park
    - Riverwood Park
    - Vanessa Street Reserve
  For a full list of parks: Click here

Rockdale Council : 9562 1637
    - Cahill Park
    - Arncliffe Park
    - Bexley Oval
    - Scarborough Park
  For a full list of parks: Click here
Kogarah Council : 9330 9595
    - Jubilee Oval
    - Carss Park Fields
    - Renown Park
    - Todd Park
  For a full list of parks: Click here


Marrickville Council: 9335 2299
    - Marrickville Park
    - Henson Park
    - HJ Mahoney Memorial Park
    - Steel Park
  For a full list of parks: Click here
Leichhardt Council: 9367 9190
    - Birchgrove Oval
    - Blackmore Oval
    - Cohen Park
    - Easton Park
    - King George Park
    - Leichhardt Oval 2
    - Leichhardt Oval 3
    - SSC Leichhardt Campus Oval
  For a full list of parks: Click here
Strathfield Council:  9748 9972
    - Begnell Field, Belfield
  For a full list of parks: Click here

Botany Council: 9366-3631
Souths Juniors District: 9349 7555

Warringah Council Wet Weather Line - 9981 2099
Pittwater Council Wet Weather Line - 9970 1236
Manly Council Wet Weather Line - 9976 1699
North Sydney Council Wet Weather Line - 9936 8220
Hornsby Council Wet Weather Line - 9847 6764

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Wet Weather

In the case of wet weather, training at Beverly Hills Park may be cancelled if Hurstville Council closes the park.

If in doubt check this website, contact your coach or ring the Hurstville Council Wet Weather Notification line on 9330 6272.

Click here to see more council wet weather numbers

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