Listed below is access to the rules of the various forms Rugby League as provided by the ARL Foundation.

Each document is an Adobe Acrobat file that can be read by clicking the related link.

  • Rugby League Rules of the Game - Modified Games (Mini's and Mod / U6 to U12)

  • Rugby League Rules of the Game - International (U13 and older)

  • Rugby League Safeplay Code (upto and including U15)
    Many think that the first grade NRL games they see on TV are the same rules that our kids play - This isn't quite right! Some changes have been developed to emphasise safety and good conduct for kids (up to and including Under 15). So before you tell your kid to ankle tap or sling an opposing player over the touch line, have a read of this code first!

  • Rugby League - National Code of Conduct
    Do you think you as a spectator or parent can do whatever you like whilst your kids play? .. think again. Give this a read because if you don't comply, don't be surprised if you're asked to leave the fields. Remember, it's about letting the kids play and showing them a good example.

  • Rugby League - Player Transfer Policy
    We don't make the rules ... this is one example ..

  • Tough Love in League (2012)
    Automatic send off’s for punching, Zero tolerance of fighting, Minimum suspensions for violence and Stamping out abuse of match officials. BE FAIR BEWARE BEWARNED!




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