2012 Kingsgrove Colt's - Family Fun Day

No other club throws a Family Fun Day like we do! .. Here at the Colts, not only do we ensure your kids have fun on the field but with their friends off the field also.  We strive to provide a family atmosphere and our Family Fun Days are only one example.  With sportsman's dinners, talent contest nights (ie. Our world famous "Colts have Talent" night) and many more events, you'll enjoy the season with us!  Turn up at one of our registration days or if you have questions, feel free to send us an E-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - Go the Colts!

Special guest, joining in our victory song ..

Local Mayor showing his support

Getting ready for the jumping castle rush!

Face painting!

Taking our boys to dizzy heights!

Speed training ..

Great shot of the park at the opening of the day!

Speed and agility training ..

Team mates chilling out after the game ..

Too much fun :)

The kids just can't hide how much fun they have at our club ..

Try our Master Chef training courses .. held every home game! .. free massage too!

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Wet Weather

In the case of wet weather, training at Beverly Hills Park may be cancelled if Hurstville Council closes the park.

If in doubt check this website, contact your coach or ring the Hurstville Council Wet Weather Notification line on 9330 6272.

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